Weight Loss with Teas & Spices

This is my 97 pound weight loss with the assistance of Our weight loss kits which includes spices and teas. In the kit are Oolong teas which has been proven to reduce cholesterol and can assist in fat burning. Pu-erh Teas have been used by Chinese Practitioners for their digestive properties and cleansing action. Gyokuro Matcha is the Mother of all green tea! 800 year old shade grown Japanese green tea, hand picked. 1 cup of Matcha is equal to 10 cups of green tea, Contains 15 times the amount of antioxidants than the black berry. 3-6 hour long lasting energy with L-theanine. 139 times the catechins than regular green tea. Gets you moving so your burn calories! To read more on the weight loss kits, please click on the kit picture.